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icons, etc. by bluebellflames
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The Basics
This is the personal graphics community of bluebellflames, formerly found at alapsuscalami. Here you can find icons, banners, wallpapers, resources, mood themes, and more, complete with the occasional snarky comment and a mint on the pillow.

1. No hotlinking. Seriously, guys. If a chimp can learn sign language, a human being can easily set up a Photobucket account. I pay for my bandwidth and I'm a broke underclassman, so take pity on me, okay?

2. Credit. I'm definitely not a credit Nazi and won't come after you if I see you using one of my icons without credit, but it's a generally nice thing to do if you're using someone else's work. But as long as you don't claim my work as your own, I won't have too much of a problem with it.

3. Claiming my work as your work. Don't do it. See above.

4. No redistribution. Taking my graphics to display on your own webpage is totally fine, but don't repost them for others to take, regardless of whether or not you credit or hotlink.

5. Comment. Like crediting, I'm pretty lax with this, but I'd love you a little if you did leave me a note saying that you took #14, or whatever. :)

6. Everything else. teh_indy has an awesome post outlining Dos and Don'ts in the Icon Community post. Read it. Love it.

Other Stuff
1. Nominations. These seriously make my day. If, for some reason, you feel like nominating my work somewhere, go ahead! Just let me know in a comment. Awards communities for fandoms I icon are hp_awards (Harry Potter), gg_awards (Gilmore GirlS), bway_awards (stage themed), neptuneawards (Veronica Mars), and fandom_awards (any fandom). My work aside, they're all great and worth checking out.

2. Joining/watching insidethebox. Another thing that makes me happy. If you want to keep track of my work, by all means join and/or watch the community. Please remember that this is my personal icon community, and if you join, you won't be able to post.
3. Requests. As of right now, I am not taking requests. This may change eventually, but for now, that's how it is.

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+ iconsonstage

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